Ek’s ‘n Slang? Klink maar heel “fishy” vir my!


My geboorte datum is 3 Maart 1977 



Volgens die normale  Zodiac is ek ‘n Vis (Pisces), maar die Chinese sien my as ‘n S-s-s-slang…

Kom ek gaan kyk bietjie wat meen hulle nou presies:


 The intelligent Snake calculates outcomes ahead of time. Snakes are born organizers and know well how to use their talents of discretion, discernment and intuition. Kind and considerate, they remain quiet in company. But under this silent demeanor can be a stubborn and suspicious person that doesn’t like pain or failure. The Snake has the ability to see beyond appearances to something deeper. Using these talents, the Snake is capable of creating his own reality practically and gracefully.Lovely and charming, Snakes will be at their best when you connect with them in the same way — with grace and charm. But never attack them because they won’t easily forget it … and may react one day when you least expect it. They can predict the future, as they are able to feel what is approaching more than any other sign. When they understand that a project will benefit them, they will pour all of their effort into it. Often the philosopher, the Snake can also be the biggest party animal when in high spirits. Surprising and romantic, they can erase all problems with their wisdom.

Daar is ook darem ‘n hele paar Celebs wat Slange is:

  • Kim Basinger
  • Bob Dylan
  • Art Garfunkel
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Paul Hogan
  • Liz Hurley
  • Dean Martin
  • Robert Mitchum
  • Ryan O’Neal
  • Dorothy Parker
  • Brad Pitt
  • Brooke Shields
  • Paul Simon
  • Oprah Winfrey

Ok, dis darem nie so erg nie, dis eintlik baie akkuraat en met name soos Oprah, Brooke Shields en Brad Pitt gee ek nou glad nie om dat ek gesien word as ‘n ou slangetjie nie….solank ek nou net nie misgis word met daai satanslang van die tuin van Eden nie is als oraait! 


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