Gaan Suid-Afrika oorleef?

Uit die mond van ‘n swart vrou … net jammer hierdie artikel het nie verskyn in die Sowetan of Citizen nie…

Where will we go when SA is destroyed?

Brown: Nomfundo Xulu Published:May 26, 2008




We are a barbaric nation and we are our own worst nightmare


There came a point in my life when I was desperately seeking a domestic worker because I could not cope with my job , my baby and all my household chores.


I went to the advertisement board at a nearby convenience store and took down a few contact details. I called a number of women and set up appointments with six of them.


One of them, a South African , did not pitch up. But she sent me a cellphone message to call her . When I phoned her back, she asked if I could pick her up because she did not have money for transport .


I told her that five other women , who were not South African, had managed to make it to my house at the specified times. One even came with her young child strapped to her back.


This episode, among many others, made it clear to me that, as South Africans, we have an attitude of entitlement. We think that the world owes us something.


This is truer for black people. No offence, but we, directly or indirectly, think apartheid is something to hold onto so that we can be viewed as victims and everything should be smooth sailing for us.


Here we are 14 years since the beginning of democracy in South Africa and we are still holding onto 1976.


A large number of us are failing to empower ourselves with education or to grab any opportunity to learn more and make a difference. So we abuse people who are merely trying their best to make a living.


The recent attacks on foreign people are proof that we are a stupid nation.


“They are stealing our jobs and raping our women,” say the culprits responsible for the hundreds of innocent children now living in tents with their families.


How on earth is a person to fend for his or her family while South Africans sit in the sun, goss iping and complaining the whole day, in true township style, about foreigners stealing their jobs?


How is it that a person who goes out of his or her way to secure a job and tries to do it well deserves to be beaten up and even burnt?


I do not understand how we have been engineered as South Africans. I know not all of us are of the same mentality, and educated citizens are completely against these acts. B ut the rapidness with which these attacks have spread is a national disgrace.


Why is it that we do not take part in activities that build the country in such a quick and collective way? But when it comes to things that not only destroy people’s lives but also our country’s economy and credibility, why are we so quick to contribute ?


We call ourselves a civilised nation? I’m ashamed to be South African.


We are a barbaric nation and we are our own worst nightmare.


I wonder what will happen when we finally reach our goal of thoroughly ruining our country — its economy, its credibility and its social values — and are in need of help from the very people we are killing.


Are these countries then expected to take care of our children like they did in the apartheid era so that our children come back to South Africa as educated, wise and capable leaders?


Or do these countries also have the right to beat our children up, burn them to death and chase them out as if they are criminals?



8 Responses

  1. Hierdie vrou vra goeie vrae!

  2. Hello Nomfundo!!

    so you are a famous journalisy now! 😉

    can you write me an email to my mail adress please? email to your yahoo fails to reach you.

    good writing, very true words! should wake some people up!

    with love daniel smit, holland

  3. “The true cause for South Africa’s wealth, and the reason it is now disappearing, is rooted in the nation’s historical connection to the British Empire. Biblical prophecy outlines the curses South Africa increasingly finds itself under, curses that are destined to grow worse in the time ahead.” – South Africa: The Next Zimbabwe

    Without beating around the bush, here’s the plain truth: South Africa was blessed because of White Israelites – primarily of British and Dutch origin – who pioneered, produced and prospered as prophesied – who shared in Joseph’s Birthright Blessing. Now, due to sins of idolatry and immorality, topped off by treacherous attempts to power-share with Black Gentiles against the Word and Will of God, the nation is cursed, just like raped Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ruins) is cursed and now the United States with its first Gentile president (a black day in America) is cursed.

    These are the topsy-turvy “Times of the Gentiles,” fast descending into the dark abyss of the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble.” It will soon get so bad (barring national repentance), only divine intervention will save us! But since we (the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the ethnic Elect) are “beloved for the fathers’ sakes” (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), those days will be cut short, as Two Witnesses will comfort our captive audience.

  4. […] Gaan Suid-Afrika oorleef? […]

  5. […] Gaan Suid-Afrika oorleef? […]

  6. Zim gaan deur vreeslike tye maar ondangs als oorleef hul nog en die partie word al hoe beter, met al SA se bronne ril ek om te dink hoe lank kan SA oorleef as ons onder so regering as Zim moes beland.

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